Tooth Discoloration May Occur for Several Reasons

The NPR (8/14, Neighmond) “Shots” blog notes that consuming coffee, tea, and red wine may stain teeth, although tooth discoloration may also stem from tobacco use, age, and trauma. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits can help with surface stains, but bleaching may be necessary to address deeper stains. When →

“Unsick Days” Encouraged For Preventive Health Visits

One of the disturbing trends in recent years has been the number of people feeling like they can’t – and therefore don’t – take time off from work for preventive health visits, both medical AND dental. At first, I thought that this was merely an economic concern, since the economy →

The Biggest Cavity Myth

A consumer-directed video on the Business Insider (7/21) website features American Dental Association spokesperson Dr. Ada Cooper discussing dental caries (dental cavities). “The biggest myth about cavities is that if it doesn’t hurt you don’t need to fix it,” Dr. Cooper said. “That is completely wrong.” She states that when →

Researchers Developing Fillings That Help Teeth Regenerate

Newsweek reports scientists from the University of Nottingham and Harvard University are developing regenerative dental fillings that “allow teeth to heal themselves,” which could ultimately make some root canals unnecessary. The treatment works by “stimulating stem cells to encourage the growth of dentin—the bony material that makes up the majority →

X-rays Concerns Answered

Just the mention of the word x-ray or radiation sparks up an unpleasant image for many people. Let’s clear up some misinformation and put all of this into perspective! People have the tendency to automatically relate it to cancer, birth defects or even reproductive sterility. What individuals don’t realize is →

Nearly A Third Of Americans Never Floss Their Teeth

US News & World Report (5/2) reports that a new nationally representative analysis aimed to determine how often people floss their teeth, finding that 30 percent of the population floss daily, over 37 percent floss less than daily, and nearly 33 percent say they never floss. For the analysis, researchers →

Seriously Beware of What You’re Drinking!

Can you believe summer starts now? Wow! That means nearly half of the year is over! With the recent high temperatures, it’s easy to grab something cold to cool you down. However, beware of what you are drinking to cool you down! In a recent study published in the Journal →