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Little Rock AR Dentist – Energy drinks and your teeth – beware!

Little Rock AR Dentist – Energy drinks and your teeth – beware!

The explosion of the types of energy drinks the past few years has been nothing short of amazing, perhaps giving the illusion that they’re even good for you.

Have you read the ingredients? (Can you even pronounce them?)  Do you know what they do? Sure, some people notice increased energy, and some even like their taste. However, I think most reasonable people understand that these energy drinks are just a way of trying to get a jolt of short-term energy with some sort of “price to pay”.

Well, one place that you might not know about the “price” you pay is in it’s acidity – and I’m not just talking about that tartness you taste in most of these drinks. The acidity in many of these drinks is more than 20 times that of some of the more common soft drinks.

Most people have heard of common school science experiments where eggs (shelled) or meat is placed in a soft drink and allowed to sit undisturbed. In as little as 24 hours, meat can completely dissolve and the shells on eggs will totally disintegrate. So can you imagine what it’s doing to YOUR body? What about your teeth?

Some of the worst “adult decay” problems I personally have seen have been due to the person sipping on one or two soft drinks throughout the day, constantly bathing their teeth in acid, resulting in tooth decay. So what do you think would happen if a person would sip on an energy drink through the day? I promise you, it’s ugly.

If you’re going to have a soft drink – or have the courage to down an energy drink – do it in as short a time as possible (without making yourself sick), and then be sure to at least swish your mouth very well with water to rid it of the acids (and sugars) which cause so much damage. You’ll save a ton on dental bills and avoid problems that come with taking in acid to your body.