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Little Rock AR Dentist – Patient Testimonial about Porcelain Veneers

Little Rock AR Dentist – Patient Testimonial about Porcelain Veneers

When people hear the words “porcelain veneers”, huge dollar signs start swirling around the room, “Hollywood smile” enters the conversation, and the “I’m not worth it” thought looms ominously.

Unfortunately, people who could benefit from this type of dental treatment usually talk themselves out of it.

Yet, the benefits of cosmetic procedures of any kind to your teeth – including porcelain veneers – can make a huge difference in your life … as the wonderful woman in this impromptu video points out:

No, not everyone “needs” porcelain veneers or any other type of cosmetic treatment, and I’m the first to not push this type of care, because I believe people are sick of being “sold to” by dentists about cosmetic dental procedures.

That being said, as this woman points out, she did not realize how much she didn’t smile … she didn’t realize how uncomfortable she was in the public eye … and she didn’t realize just how sensitive her teeth had been.

It’s stories like this I hear from clients all the time. Yes, it’s a big hurdle to jump over for many reasons to have porcelain veneers made for your teeth, but there isn’t a single client I know of who regrets having it done or who even remembers how much it cost them. In fact, all I hear about is all of the positive impact it’s made in their life.

Now that’s rewarding for me. And them.

Having porcelain veneers doesn’t mean you have to have a “Hollywood smile” (unless you want one); having any cosmetic procedures done for yourself is an investment which pays dividends after dividends after dividends.

If you’ve considered some changes to your smile, get the facts, and get the options. Then, enjoy the results!