Little Rock AR Dentist interviews patient about dental care in his office

As a dentist, one of the most important things I can do is teach.

Does that surprise you? It might, as most people’s experiences going to the dental office is one of “open wide”.

Unfortunately, “open wide” will only help you so much. Because the dental profession has set itself up as being paid on ‘doing something to someone’, there’s not much effort at educating and helping people become HEALTHY.

That’s not MY way, nor is the the focus of our office. We spend most of our days helping people understand their own dental conditions, how to stay healthy, how to save money of dentistry, and giving them choices about their care.

That actually sums it up, and it would be worth your while to watch and listen to this very intelligent lady who does more than “get it” about dental health. Even any dentist out there who stumbles upon this would fortunate to listen! Here it is: