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Little Rock Dentist introduces FASTBRACES(R) – Nothing short of WOW!!!

Little Rock Dentist introduces FASTBRACES(R) – Nothing short of WOW!!!

When Little Rock Dentist Dr. Don Deems became the first and only dentist in Arkansas to provide FASTBRACES(R), he wasn’t sure how easily and readily people would understand and want this revolutionary orthodontic system, developed and patented by Dr. Tony Viazis of Dallas, TX.

Soon after the first few patients started, Dr. Deems was astounded with the results – and so were the patients!

Most patients choose FASTBRACES(R) over other orthodontic treatment options because of two major items: cost and time.

Typically, FASTBRACES(R) takes between 6 and 12 months. Why so much faster? It’s all in the patented orthodontic bracket, which moves both the root and the crown of the tooth AT THE SAME TIME! Conventional orthodontics does not work that way; first the crown is moved, and then the root.

Some common concerns have been misunderstandings about causing damage to the roots “moving the teeth so fast”. The studies completed (not by FASTBRACES(R)) show the opposite to be true. Keeping braces on for long periods of time is what causes damage.

Another concern was that moving teeth in that time frame would be painful. Again, not so! Independent studies showed just the opposite. Experience has shown us that few patients ever even take so much as a Tylenol.

The cost factor is the icing on the cake. The national average fee for a typical orthodontic treatment is well over $5000 and can go much higher. FASTBRACES(R) can be as little as $1999, and depending on the complexity, time,  and length the treatment. Fortunately, the consultation is free!

Another remarkable element of FASTBRACES(R) is the Lifetime Guarantee. Yes, you read that right. If for any reason you want retreatment, there is no cost for the orthodontic re-treatment, no matter where you may move in the U.S.. However, you do pay for new records and new retainers.

Lastly, FASTBRACES(R) is the only non-conventional orthodontic treatment systems that controls the movement of every tooth. There have been many, many orthodontic systems come into the marketplace that don’t do that, which can easily confuse non-dental personnel. Some of these systems have spent millions on marketing, and as you might expect, most of them cost the consumer/patient even more than conventional orthodontics!

We have loved adding FASTBRACES(R) to our office and enjoyed the many new smiles that have left our doors!