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Gum Disease and Alzheimers’ – You Need to Know!

Gum Disease and Alzheimers’ – You Need to Know!

I’ve written before about the connection between gum disease and Alzheimer’s Disease, and now there’s even more evidence.

If you don’t think you have gum disease just because nothing “hurts”, think again. Gum disease is a multi-factoral infection which has as one of its hallmarks gums that bleed upon brushing or flossing, not to mention bad breath. And, it affects about 80% of adults in one form or another.

NYU dental researchers have found the first long-term evidence that gum disease may increase the risk of cognitive dysfunction associated with Alzheimer’s Disease in otherwise healthy individuals as well as those who are cognitively impaired.

The NYU study provides fresh evidence that gum inflammation may contribute to brain inflammation, neurodegeneration, and Alzheimer’s Disease. The research team examined 20 years of data that support the hypothesis of a possible causal link between gum disease.

There are plans for a follow-up study involving a larger, more ethnically diverse group of subjects to further examine the connection between gum disease and low cognition.

Do you need more reasons to see a dentist regularly? I hope not!