Taxes On Sugary Drinks May Decrease Consumption, Studies Suggest

NPR reported that research suggests taxes on sugar-sweetened drinks “do work – although sometimes not as well as hoped.” In a study published by the American Journal of Public Health, researchers asked people in Berkeley, California questions about sugar-sweetened drink consumption every year since the city’s “soda tax went into effect →

Consuming Sugary Drinks May Increase Risk For Alzheimer’s Disease, Research Suggests

Newsweek reports that new research suggests “drinking sugary soda could raise the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.” The article reports that “scientists at Columbia University of New York studied rates of Alzheimer’s disease in older people and found a link between sugary drinks and the neurodegenerative condition,” although “more research →

States with the Best and Worst Dental Health

Many people dislike visiting their dentist, especially if they haven’t kept up with their brushing and flossing. Some even have dental anxiety and phobia. But there are other people who wish they could go yet can’t afford it. According to the CDC, 36% of adults have gone over a year without seeing a dentist. →

“Cellular Messengers In Saliva” May Regulate Oral Bacteria Growth

The UCLA Newsroom states a new study led by UCLA researchers “provides clear evidence that cellular messengers in saliva may be able to regulate the growth of oral bacteria responsible for diseases, such as periodontitis and meningitis.” The article adds the study suggests that “a body’s cellular messengers play an important →

Rising Anxiety Among Adults

USA Today reports that a “poll conducted by the American Psychiatric Association finds Americans’ anxiety is up from a year ago, and we’re most anxious about paying our bills.” USA Today adds, “Overall, the poll measured Americans anxiety score at 51, up five points from last year.” In a statement, Anita →

Latest Tooth Whitening Fad May Harm Enamel

The Wall Street Journal states that social media is full of videos endorsing charcoal products as a unique and effective way to whiten teeth. ADA spokesperson Dr. Matthew Messina said these products, however, can wear away enamel and expose the yellow dentin layer below. In addition, the article notes a review →

Vaping and oral health: It’s worse than you think

The use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) represents a significant and increasing proportion of tobacco consumption, posing a tremendous threat to oral health. This article will look at the following aspects of e-cigarettes: Overview of e-cigarette usage Statistics on the current prevalence of e-cigarettes Three chemicals contained in e-cigarettes and their effects →

Study Shows Benefits Of Fluoride Varnish

Science Daily reports, “Fluoride varnish effectively helps in the remineralization of the tooth surface and prevents the development and progression of caries” according to a study published by the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care. In the study, “a total of 5,002 children were treated with fluoride varnish” →

Images Of Decaying Teeth May Deter Sugary Drink Sales, Survey Finds

The Guardian reported that a new study has found “graphic health warnings like those on cigarette packets, showing rows of rotten teeth on cans of cola and other sugary drinks, could deter some young adults from buying them.” Prof. Anna Peeters from Australia’s Deakin University and colleagues surveyed nearly 1,000 people →

Oral Cancer Survivors Share How Dental Visits Saved Their Lives

In an article for Dentistry IQ, Amber Young writes that at age 35 “my dentist saved my life,” explaining how having her dental team offer “a panoramic x-ray and an oral cancer screening” led to being diagnosed with clear cell odontogenic carcinoma, a rare and aggressive cancer. “I would not →