Study: Seniors Who Sleep In Dentures At Higher Risk For Pneumonia.

Today, approximately 75 percent of senior citizens over age 65 have kept some or all of their teeth – a record -thanks to better preventive measures like community water fluoridation and daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste, according to the American Dental Association,” a press release carried by the Senior Journal →

Article Considers Maximizing Health Benefits Prior To Year’s End.

Money (12/18, Glover) reports on strategies patients may use in order to maximize health benefits before the end of the year, when many benefits expire if unused. Regarding dental benefits, Money reports, “This benefit is often capped at $1,000 to $3,000 annually, according to the American Dental Association” meaning that →

Top Ten Dental Symptoms

The internet can be a great way to find valuable information! Unfortunately, you can also find very misleading if just not completely false information! The American Dental Association has a great app called “Symptom Checker”. it is available at It is available to anyone and can help you determine what →

Removing infected tooth prior to heart surgery – new thinking

Removing an infected tooth prior to cardiac surgery may increase the risk of major adverse outcomes, including risk of death prior to surgery, according to a study in the March 2014 issue of The Annals of Thoracic Surgery. Dental extraction of abscessed or infected teeth is often performed to decrease →

The FIVE BIGGEST THINGS you can do to prevent dental problems

Practicing for over 27 years now, I’ve seen most every malady in dentistry. The most common ones, of course are tooth decay, gum disease, cracked teeth, and abscessed teeth. Here are the BIGGEST things you can do to prevent these problems: 1. Brush and floss without fail every night before →

Is amalgam SAFE?

I often get concerns from people about the use of dental amalgam (often termed “silver fillings”) because of information floating around the Internet, the media, and as many places as one might imagine. It seems always to be sensational news because everyone likes a smoking gun! My first response is →

Dreaming of Whiter Teeth? Here’s what you should know!

With a variety of tooth whitening methods available, whitening your teeth has never been more accessible. Are you dreaming of a white smile? Before considering whitening your teeth, complete an appointment for a check-up and cleaning. Surface stains will need to be removed before whitening to achieve optimum results. We →