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Tooth bleaching – more than just tooth lightening!

Tooth bleaching – more than just tooth lightening!

When most people think of tooth bleaching, they think “whiter teeth.” Well, of course!  However, did you know that there are other benefits associated with tooth lightening … or what is commonly called tooth “whitening”?

Over 20 years ago when tooth “whitening” was just starting up, one of the things I immediately noticed in patients who did this “whitening” was that there gum tissue became much healthier. Was it a coincidence? Were they just brushing better now because they wanted their teeth to look better? What was it?

As I thought on it, the answer became obvious: it was the peroxides in the gel that were killing the bacteria that caused the gum inflammation.

I never thought too much more about it until I read a study where older adults in nursing homes were fitted with bleaching trays and bleached their teeth a few times a week. The researchers weren’t really looking for whiter teeth – they wanted to see if it would improve the health of the people’s mouth. Of course, it did!

Watch the following video:

So if you think you need that extra boost to keep your gums healthier and were thinking of a way to brighten your smile, tooth bleaching is worth your consideration!