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Little Rock Dentist: Mini Dental Implants – an answer to many prayers!

Little Rock Dentist: Mini Dental Implants – an answer to many prayers!

I’ve been practicing long enough to remember the days when all I could do to help a patient with a denture is to reline it, show them how to use adhesive, or just empathize.

Thank goodness those days are GONE!

If you wear a partial or full denture are want more stability, retention, and confidence in wearing it, mini dental implants are the answer to your prayers!


Mini dental implants have been around since 1979, but were not approved by the FDA until somewhere around the late 1990’s for generalized use.  They are primarily used in situations where the patient doe not have the available bone to accomodate standard dental implants. If you’ve been told you don’t have enough bone for implants, the mini dental implants might be right for you.

Mini dental implants are used primariy in situations where dentures are too loose and all other efforts to resolve the situation have failed. However, they can be used in other situations, too, such as for securing partial dentures where the person desires increased stability and comfort, as well as the better appearance of not having clasps or wires visible that hold the denture in place. There are other situations where mini dental implants can provide additional support for certain types of dental restorations, potentially saving a person thousands of dollars.

The procedure for placing mini dental implants is a one-appointment process with little to no bleeding and almost never any stitches. The person can immediately start enjoying the benefits of the implants, albeit with some reservations during the 3 or more months it takes for the bone to grow and attach to the implants. Never does a person need to go without their dentures!

Generally speaking, most people tolerate the procedure very well, with only minimal discomfort the first 24 to 48 hours, using Tylenol or Advil to control any soreness or discomfort. Some people require prescription medication, but that is the exception rather than the rule.

A simple evaluation is all that’s needed to determine if you’re  good candidate for the mini dental implants.