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Little Rock Dentist discusses “digital dentures”

Little Rock Dentist discusses “digital dentures”

For over 4 years now, we have been producing the vast majority of our crowns, inlays, inlays, and veneers (that technical dental lingo that always confuses everyone) with the E4D Restorative System, which is a type of CAD-CAM (computer-aided design, computer-aided machined) software and hardware. We love it and our patients love it, too, as nearly all patients can receive their restorations at the same visit … no temporary restorations, no waiting 2 or more weeks, no sore gums, etc.

Now denture wearers can experience the same sort of quality and precision with CAD-CAM dentures!

Developed by Global Dental Science, Avadent dentures are now delivered after only one visit! Because they are machined and not processed (as traditional dentures are), there is zero warpage, exceptional fit and esthetics, and much more. You can learn more at

To learn more about this process, watch this!

We are now offering this great service for the same price as our traditional dentures … and that’s GREAT NEWS!