Thoughts on COVID Vaccination

I would like to offer a perspective that I believe all governing bodies are missing when it comes to vaccinations – especially the COVID vaccine. I believe nearly 100% of all people would find that vaccines are logical. Yes, they are not without some drawbacks and risks, but for the →

Tooth Loss May Increase Risk Of Cognitive Impairment, Dementia

DrBicuspid  reports a new meta-analysis suggests that “tooth loss is a risk factor for cognitive impairment and dementia,” and “the risk of cognitive decline increases with each lost tooth.” Using “14 individual studies with 34,074 adults and 4,689 cases of diminished cognitive function,” the researchers found that “older adults with more →

Poor Quality Of Sleep In Women May Be Tied To Increased Consumption Of Added Sugars, Saturated Fats, And Caffeine, Research Suggests

CNN reports that people who find themselves “eating too much added sugar and unhealthy fats” may not be “getting enough sleep,” researchers concluded after examining “the associations between measures of sleep quality and the dietary patterns of nearly 500 women who participated in the AHA Go Red for Women program.” The →

High Teenage BMI Tied to Poor Health in Adulthood

A study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that teenagers with a higher body mass index had close to 9% greater risk for type 2 diabetes and 0.8% greater risk for having a heart attack in their 30s and 40s, compared with those who had a →

Links between cancer and oral health

Cure Today spoke with Samuel Zwetchkenbaum, D.D.S., chief of the Rhode Island Department of Health’s Oral Health Program, about how treatment for cancer may lead to oral health issues, from acute complications such as sores, to chronic issues such as reduced saliva flow. Dr. Zwetchkenbaum said the presence of a →

Avoiding care is no cure for dental anxiety

Dental anxiety is common, according to Cameron L. Randall, a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at the University of Washington School of Dentistry in Seattle, and “people feel anxious about the dentist for all kinds of reasons,” Dr. Randall said. ADA spokesperson Ada S. Cooper, D.D.S., told Vice News care →

Tips to Prevent Throbbing Pain in the Mouth

Throbbing pain in the teeth could indicate the presence of infection caused by a broken tooth, deep decay or previous trauma, according to PopSugar. Underlying tooth and gum issues that can result in throbbing pain can often be avoided with good oral hygiene and avoiding sugary drinks and foods. For →

Many Dental Patients Unable To Identify Erosive Tooth Wear, Study Finds

The ADA News  reports a new study has found that “dental patients struggle to recognize erosive tooth wear.” For the study, over 600 participants viewed “images of buccal surfaces of teeth that were sound or had erosive tooth wear or caries.” The researchers found that “participants had difficulty recognizing erosive →

Tooth Problems On The Rise Amid Pandemic

NBC News (3/13, Stenson) reported on how the pandemic is taking a physical toll on people’s bodies, including their teeth. The article cited an American Dental Association survey conducted in February which “found that more than 70 percent of almost 2,300 dentists nationwide reported seeing an increase of teeth grinding and →