Bonding and Veneers: Which one do I choose?

Bonding and Veneers: Which one do I choose? People looking to improve their smile are generally presented with two different options if the color of their teeth is not the only thing they would like to see changed. One option is called bonding, a generic term used to describe the →

Little Rock Dentist Helps With Dental Anxiety

How do you deal with dental anxiety while in the dental office?  My experience with most patients is that the anxiety that they are having mostly stems from the fact that they have had something that hurt them when they were in the dental office – and the thought of →

Good News for Coffee Drinkers!

Drinking coffee on a regular basis may protect against head and neck cancer, according to a report published in the July issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention. Researchers pooled data from nine different studies of patients, comprising over 14,000 patients. They found that those who drink coffee regularly – →

Oral Cancer Rears Its Ugly Head – Again

With the widespread awareness that actor Michael Douglas has oral cancer, this killer disease has once again caught the attention of many people. And it’s for good reason: Oral cancer has only a 50% survival rate, making it a deadly and potentially grossly disfuguring disease. This is a disease that →

Gum Disease and Alzheimers’ – You Need to Know!

I’ve written before about the connection between gum disease and Alzheimer’s Disease, and now there’s even more evidence. If you don’t think you have gum disease just because nothing “hurts”, think again. Gum disease is a multi-factoral infection which has as one of its hallmarks gums that bleed upon brushing →

Chew on This: Six Dental Myths Debunked

Myth 1: The consequences of poor oral health are limited to the mouth. There are actually so many connections between the health status of your mouth and the health status of your body, it would boggle your mind. And for worse (or better), more are coming out each day. You →

Reconsidering Diet Sodas …

In an effort to stop weight gain, millions of Americans turn to diet sodas (and other “diet” drinks) every day for fewer calories, energy, and the satisfaction of drinking something that “tastes good”. Of course, there is no evidence available that actually says we lose weight because of drinking these →