Tooth bleaching – more than just tooth lightening!

When most people think of tooth bleaching, they think “whiter teeth.” Well, of course!  However, did you know that there are other benefits associated with tooth lightening … or what is commonly called tooth “whitening”? Over 20 years ago when tooth “whitening” was just starting up, one of the things →

Cancer and Oral Health

Anyone can develop cancer. Since the risk of being diagnosed with cancer increases with age, most cases occur in adults who are middle aged or older. About 78% of all cancers are diagnosed in persons 55 years of age and older. In the US, men have slightly less than a →

What Happens in Your Mouth Every Time You Eat or Drink

Every time you eat carbohydrates, millions of bacteria in your mouth shout for joy as they snack on the food that you are eating. There’s just one small problem: after they’re done eating: they need to use the restroom. Since there’s no toilet in your mouth, they just go on →

Dry Mouth Disaster!

With more than 400 medications having the side effect of dry mouth (and counting), the effect on the mouth can be staggering, both from a financial and a personal suffering standpoint. Adequate amounts of saliva are necessary for not only general comfort of the mouth, but for tooth decay prevention. →

Little Rock AR Dentist – Better Doctor-Patient Communications

Ahhh, the white coat we doctors wear. (Actually, I dont wear one – it evens scares me!)  There’s even a syndrome someone dreamed up called the “white coat syndrome” where people’s blood pressure rises, they start perspiring, and they forget nearly everything they came to the doctor for in the first →