Cantrell West Dental & COVID-19


Thank you for choosing Cantrell West Dental for your care! We can’t wait to see you soon. Oral health is a gateway to your overall health, and your health is our top priority.

I’ve researched and consulted the many scientific resources I have access to as a doctor to address concerns around COVID-19. To keep you safe and smiling, our practice is adhering to the American Dental Association’s guidance for safely providing dental care during this pandemic.

What to Expect

  • Before your appointment, we’ll contact you to check on your current health status.
  • When you arrive, call us at (501) 664-3279 and wait in your car until we are ready to call you to come in.
  • We prefer anyone with you to stay in your car except under extenuating circumstances.
  • You will notice that our team is wearing more personal protective equipment (PPE) than you’re used to seeing.
  • You must wear a mask (if you still don’t have one, one will be provided to you at the door), your temperature will be taken, you will use a hand sanitizer, and you will be asked a series of questions.
  • In the treatment room, you will pre-rinse with hydrogen peroxide/water.
  • Upon leaving, you will put on your mask and use hand sanitizer again.
  • Future appointments will be made in the treatment room if at all possible.

If you have any questions, please call me at (501) 664-3279 or email me at

Thank you for choosing us for your care!

~ Dr. Deems

Learn More: Download the American Dental Association’s information on What to Expect Due to COVID-19.