Dry Mouth Disaster!

With more than 400 medications having the side effect of dry mouth (and counting), the effect on the mouth can be staggering, both from a financial and a personal suffering standpoint. Adequate amounts of saliva are necessary for not only general comfort of the mouth, but for tooth decay prevention. →

Little Rock AR Dentist – Better Doctor-Patient Communications

Ahhh, the white coat we doctors wear. (Actually, I dont wear one – it evens scares me!)  There’s even a syndrome someone dreamed up called the “white coat syndrome” where people’s blood pressure rises, they start perspiring, and they forget nearly everything they came to the doctor for in the first →

Little Rock AR Dentist – Patient Testimonial about Porcelain Veneers

When people hear the words “porcelain veneers”, huge dollar signs start swirling around the room, “Hollywood smile” enters the conversation, and the “I’m not worth it” thought looms ominously. Unfortunately, people who could benefit from this type of dental treatment usually talk themselves out of it. Yet, the benefits of →