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7 Tips for Becoming an Awesome Tooth Fairy

7 Tips for Becoming an Awesome Tooth Fairy

1. Leave a trail. A simple little glitter trail from the window to the tooth is quick and easy to execute.

2. Use tiny fairy handwriting on all correspondences. Write a teeny tiny thank you note from the Tooth Fairy to the child, thanking her for the pulled tooth.

3. Make it festive! OK, fine. This might be a tiny bit illegal, but I like to add a bit of flair to my Tooth Fairy’s dollar bills by touching them with a bit of sparkly pink nail polish. Just in the corners, not too much…

4. If caught in the act, deny, deny, deny! Just pretend you were checking on them right before you headed off to bed for the evening. Try telling them you too were curious if tooth fairy had visited yet. And oh, look at that! She’s already been here! *crumples dollar bill in palm of hand, dropping it on the floor*

5. Make them work for it! Invite your child to write a note to the tooth fairy, directing her exactly where to go to find the pulled tooth. Have them tape it on their door before they go to bed. So *ahem* the tooth fairy doesn’t forget to visit.

6. Have a backup plan. If the tooth fairy does happen to forget to visit, all is not lost. Simply go up to the room, and quickly place a couple coins in a pillowcase. Ask the child to go back to the bed, and “really look around good”. Unconventional coin placement should do the trick as to why they didn’t see the cash first thing in the morning.

7. Don’t fall for the one-upper. If Timmy down the street gets a new video game for his pulled tooth, and your kid only gets $1, don’t fret. Simply state that each house is assigned it’s own fairy, and this is the going rate for your kids personal fairy.

Thanks to Emily Elling, a freelance writer, for this dentist-approved article!