Study Highlights Need To Rinse, Replace Toothbrush

Women’s Health (5/5) reports that a study from researchers at the University of Manchester found that “the average toothbrush can contain 10 million or more bacteria,” including E.coli and Staph. The article reports that the study illuminates the importance of properly rinsing and storing one’s toothbrush, as well as replacing it at the proper interval. The article cites American Dental Association spokesperson and dentist Dr. Maria Lopez Howell, who explained that people should rinse their brush thoroughly after use, replace it when the bristles become frayed or after three months of use, and to store it in an upright position “in a spot that gets enough air for it to dry between brushings.”

Additionally, TechCrunch (5/5, Perez) reports that a startup company called Quip has raised additional seed funding for its business, which will ship a subscriber a new toothbrush every three months, which “is actually the recommended time frame preferred by the ADA.” TechCrunch reports that although it “sounds sort of crazy,” if people “think back to when you actually last replaced your toothbrush” they might find such a consistent reminder helpful. On Monday, Quip launched “its referral program, which is aimed at helping the company generate more word-of-mouth (ha!) referrals,” TechCrunch adds.