The Biggest Cavity Myth

A consumer-directed video on the Business Insider (7/21) website features American Dental Association spokesperson Dr. Ada Cooper discussing dental caries (dental cavities). “The biggest myth about cavities is that if it doesn’t hurt you don’t need to fix it,” Dr. Cooper said. “That is completely wrong.” She states that when a cavity has begun to cause pain, it usually requires “more extensive treatment” at that point. Explaining what causes dental decay and why some people may have more cavities than others, Dr. Cooper says “brushing and flossing, of course, are the best way to minimize the number of cavities that you get.” In addition, dentists have many tools available, such as fluoride rinses and treatments, to make teeth more resistant to dental decay. “The best thing to do,” Dr. Cooper says, is to have regular dental visits to ensure detection and treatment of cavities while they’re still small.

In our office, we utilize digital X-rays and technology called Cari-Vu, which uses no radiation and is more accurate than dental X-rays! Why would we keep using X-rays then? Well, technology hasn’t eliminated their need – yet! But stay tuned! Have no fear though: you would need at least 10,000 dental X-rays a year to exceed the standard set for radiation exposure.