Dry Mouth and Gum Disease Among Dental Problems Adults Over 50 May Experience

With well over 400 medications having a side effect of dry mouth, the number of adults taking medications and suffering from dry mouth issues has risen dramatically over the past 10 years, but often goes unaddressed by dental and medical offices. The results can be disastrous and expensive!

The Huffington Post carries an article from the American Grandparents Association discussing several steps people over age 50 can take to address dental problems they may experience, such as oral cancer, xerostomia (dry mouth), tooth decay, gum disease, and bruxism. For example, the article discusses the benefits of oral cancer screenings for early detection, fluoride to help prevent dental decay, and regular dental visits to help prevent gum disease.

MouthHealthy.org provides oral health information for patients at various life stages, including for adults over 40 and adults over 60.

The Oral Health Topics on ADA.org and MouthHealthy.org provide additional information on oral and oropharyngeal cancer for dental professionals and patients, as well as information on xerostomia for dental professionals and for patients.