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Dehydration Can Lead to Bad Breath

Dehydration Can Lead to Bad Breath

It’s summertime, and the heat is on. For many, staying properly hydrated is especially challenging, more importantly if the main source of hydration are sodas, energy drinks, and other sweetened beverages, which don’t allow as much hydration as many are led to believe. It’s just true that “good ol’ water” is the key.

For those who just have to have some flavoring, try a few drops of lime or lemon juice, and if you need sweetening, use a natural, non-caloric sweetener, such as Stevia, now found in most all food stores.

TIME (5/27, Melone) reports on 12 reasons why dehydration is “bad for your body,” including that it can cause halitosis. Dehydration results in decreased saliva production, which has important antibacterial properties. When dehydrated, the decreased saliva in the mouth allows bacteria to thrive, resulting in bad breath.

Also, headaches are more abundant when dehydration occurs, as are muscles cramps and spasms.

Another tip: drink a large glass of cold water about 30 minutes before each meal, and you’ll find that you eat less. Many times our brains tell us we’re hungry when actually we’re dehydrated.

At first, you’ll notice you need to use the restroom a lot more, as your body isn’t used to so much fluid. Over time, you re-regulate, and using the restroom won’t be so bothersome. Drink up!