Chewing Sugarless Gum May Help Prevent Tooth Decay, Review Finds

The Press Trust of India reports a systematic review suggests that chewing sugarless gum may “reduce the advancement of dental caries” and “be used as a viable preventative agent.” The researchers analyzed “12 studies published in the past 50 years which explored the impact and intervention outcome of chewing sugar-free gum on oral health conditions,” finding “sugar-free gum reduced the risk of deterioration of dental cavities by 28 per cent.” The findings were published in the Journal of Dental Research: Clinical & Translational Research.

In a release on EurekAlert  lead author Dr. Avijit Banerjee from King’s College London said, “Both the stimulation of saliva which can act as a natural barrier to protect teeth, and the mechanical plaque control that results from the act of chewing, can contribute to the prevention of dental caries.”