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"My experiences have always been positive at your facility. I appreciate the professionalism and the friendliness of the staff. Kuddos to you all..."

"As always punctual, easy, friendly, and professional."

"I've never been to a doctor's office quite like this one. Everyone is extremely friendly, and they even have a desk set up with the Internet that you can play around on while you wait. During my first visit, they gave me a tour of the entire office. I honestly feel like a VIP every time I go there! Such a modern, fun place! Never thought I'd say fun and dentist in the same sentence!"

"Dr. Deems is a five star dentist and he sees to it that his work and his staff's work is of like quality. The patient is made feel more like a friend than as a patient. I can't praise them enough."

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Poor Oral Health Associated With Higher Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Yet another recent clinical study that found “people who lost two or more teeth” during midlife had “a 23 percent increased risk of cardiovascular disease” regardless of other risk factors, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure. Some reasons for the increased risk may include inflammation, modifying dietary intakes or changing bacterial compositions in the mouth or gastrointestinal systems.


At the same time this clinical study came out, the European Society of Cardiology reported research presented at a conference called CardioVascular Biology 2018 that suggests “good oral hygiene may help recovery after acute cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and aortic dissection.” The research stated “the study in mice found that the bacteria that cause gum disease (periodontitis) also impair the healing of blood vessels.”

This is particularly important because this connection around healing of blood vessels and persons with gum disease has not been widely known, and it furthers deepens the relationship between gum disease and cardiovascular disease.

What can you do? Like a broken record, let me say the following: brush, floss, and receive regular professional care on a time frame particular to your personal needs. Things like “electric” toothbrushes, mouthwashes, toothpastes, oral irrigators, and more won’t substitute for good, basic care. We’re here to help!

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