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Patient Praise

"My experiences have always been positive at your facility. I appreciate the professionalism and the friendliness of the staff. Kuddos to you all..."

"As always punctual, easy, friendly, and professional."

"I've never been to a doctor's office quite like this one. Everyone is extremely friendly, and they even have a desk set up with the Internet that you can play around on while you wait. During my first visit, they gave me a tour of the entire office. I honestly feel like a VIP every time I go there! Such a modern, fun place! Never thought I'd say fun and dentist in the same sentence!"

"Dr. Deems is a five star dentist and he sees to it that his work and his staff's work is of like quality. The patient is made feel more like a friend than as a patient. I can't praise them enough."

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Our Team

Carol Ann Morgan, RDH … Carol Ann has been practicing as a dental hygienist since 1974, and is considered by most to be a gem of a hygienist. As one patient recently said, “She is the most thorough hygienist I’ve ever seen”. You’ll notice in some of our reviews how Carol Ann’s abilities are pointed out. When she graduated from dental hygiene school, she received the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award. She is a current member of the American Dental Hygiene Association and the Arkansas State Dental Hygienist Association, where she served as a board member. She is passionate about helping people achieve and maintain optimal dental health, and she is a wealth of information and experience. She has been with us since 1997.

Amanda Bagby, RDH … Amanda has been practicing as a dental hygienist for 3 years, and expertly helps patients understand their oral health condition. She is often referred to in our reviews as being “thorough”, “caring”, “gentle” and much more. She is an excellent listener to go along with her skills as a dental hygienist. Amanda is also often complimented on her sincere demeanor and gentle treatment.

Donna Fagan, RDA … Donna is a Registered Dental Assistant who brings extreme energy and enthusiasm to our practice. As Dr. Deems’ “right-hand-person”, she is one of the few people in Dr. Deems’ nearly 30 years of practice to be able to stay at least one step – if not two – ahead of Dr. Deems, making the treatment he provides flow smoothly, seamlessly, and easily. She has been a dental assistant since 1990, and has nearly “seen it all”, which is why she loves working in our practice and considers it the best place she has ever worked and feels it is the fist time she has been part of a true team.

Brooke Cobb … Brooke is our Scheduling Coordinator, having worked in dentistry since 2006. She originally started as a dental assistant, but her talent and people skills quickly moved her into the “business” section of dentistry, being able to master the complex software, bookkeeping, insurance, and telephone skills and knowledge necessary in today’s world. She is truly the hub of our practice and is the sweet voice you hear when you call us! She has incredible attention to detail and is more than capable of helping you with your appointments, insurance, and account.

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First Certified Green Dentist in Little Rock, Arkansas

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Recipient of the APA's National 2004 Best Practices Honors

Fellow of the American Academy of General Dentistry

Member of the American Dental Association

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