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"My experiences have always been positive at your facility. I appreciate the professionalism and the friendliness of the staff. Kuddos to you all..."

"As always punctual, easy, friendly, and professional."

"I've never been to a doctor's office quite like this one. Everyone is extremely friendly, and they even have a desk set up with the Internet that you can play around on while you wait. During my first visit, they gave me a tour of the entire office. I honestly feel like a VIP every time I go there! Such a modern, fun place! Never thought I'd say fun and dentist in the same sentence!"

"Dr. Deems is a five star dentist and he sees to it that his work and his staff's work is of like quality. The patient is made feel more like a friend than as a patient. I can't praise them enough."

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External Factors Play Larger Role In Tooth Decay Than Genes

I often hear from clients how their parents had “bad teeth” and a “lot of cavities”, so that must be the reason that they, too, have so much tooth decay. Not true!

Although there is evidence of a genetic component, there are much more important reasons why people get tooth decay.

Discover Magazine reports that in a study published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe, “researchers examined the role genes, the environment and an individual’s oral microbiome play in determining someone’s fate in the dentist’s chair,” finding “no evidence that bacteria associated with the onset of cavities were driven by genetic factors.” Rather, “bacteria associated with cavities, like Streptococcus mutans, were in higher abundance in the mouths of kids who consumed more sugar.” In addition, the researchers found that “as kids age, the microbes they inherit from mom and dad decrease, while microbes introduced through the environment increase.”

Newsweek reports that Dr. Chris Dupont, one of the researchers involved with the study, said, “What we are seeing here is that in general you do indeed inherit the microbes that make up your mouth from your parents.” Dr. Dupont added, “But it turned out that the microbes you inherit from your parents don’t generally cause cavities. Instead it’s more due to what you eat, your lifestyle and your diet.”

That last statement bears repeating.

“Instead, it’s more due to what you eat, your lifestyle, and your diet.”

What I see in my practice is an ever-increasing amount of tooth decay in adults, instead of a decreasing amount. This is alarming, as anytime a tooth requires restoration, it will never be the same as a tooth which never had a problem. Any restoration any dentist places in your mouth is subject to wear and tear, the foods you eat, tooth clenching and grinding, and much more.

What to have fewer – even NO – cavities?

Change your diet to one of zero processed foods. Eat raw fruits and vegetables. Avoid store-bought drinks (ALL of which are harmful to your teeth – ask me for the study that examined nearly 400 drinks bought in a store), and of course, brush and FLOSS. By not flossing, you are missing cleaning 35% of your tooth surface area, and any areas not cleaned will decay.

Want a personalized plan for optimal health? Schedule your appointment with me today!

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Tooth Discoloration May Occur for Several Reasons

The NPR (8/14, Neighmond) “Shots” blog notes that consuming coffee, tea, and red wine may stain teeth, although tooth discoloration may also stem from tobacco use, age, and trauma. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits can help with surface stains, but bleaching may be necessary to address deeper stains. When selecting an over-the-counter whitening product, [ Continue reading this post ]

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“Unsick Days” Encouraged For Preventive Health Visits

One of the disturbing trends in recent years has been the number of people feeling like they can’t – and therefore don’t – take time off from work for preventive health visits, both medical AND dental. At first, I thought that this was merely an economic concern, since the economy has not given most people [ Continue reading this post ]

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Dry Mouth and Gum Disease Among Dental Problems Adults Over 50 May Experience

With well over 400 medications having a side effect of dry mouth, the number of adults taking medications and suffering from dry mouth issues has risen dramatically over the past 10 years, but often goes unaddressed by dental and medical offices. The results can be disastrous and expensive!

The Huffington Post carries an article [ Continue reading this post ]

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